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HOTT MT feat. Wayne Coyne - "Never Hate Again" 7" (Pink Vinyl)

Image of HOTT MT feat. Wayne Coyne - "Never Hate Again" 7" (Pink Vinyl)



A few months back, Hour of the Time Majesty, or better known as HOTT MT, were writing some music in their Southern California borrowed studio, when they decided, no wait, they obsessed, they needed to work with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Unlike most bands that will just chalk it up to a crazy idea and move on, Ashi Dala, Spooky Tavi, and Bahd Bad grabbed their instruments and a video camera and hopped in a car. They drove 20+ hours, non-stop, to Wayne's house in Oklahoma just hoping he would answer his door.

The world works in mysterious ways.

They arrived at the house, knocked, and waited at his door for about 15 minutes. Finally he answered and beckoned them inside assuming they were OKC locals. Once inside, HOTT MT knew Wayne would be powerless to resist them. He invited them to stay in the back house studio for the night, making them promise they wouldn't kill him. The next morning both parties mutually agreed to collaborate and started work on the song that became "Never Hate Again". Impressed by the band, Wayne asked them to stay a few more days to continue what they had begun. One night transformed into a dreamy strand of projects that lasted four or five days.

The 1st press IS limited to 500 units on pink vinyl.